Part Two

‘‘Nice to meet you Tola’’ he said as he opened the passenger side of the car for her. They rode in silence for a while but he kept stealing glances at her. For some reason, he couldn’t stop looking. Not able to take the silence anymore, he asked ‘‘so where were you headed? I hope … Continue reading Part Two


Part One

Do you believe in love at first sight? Is it possible to meet someone and from the first day everything starts to make sense and you wonder how you’ve survived without the person in your life? That was how Kene felt. He was your typical young Nigerian guy, okay job, still stayed with his parents … Continue reading Part One

Camp Love

If you served, this should be something you understand. I got posted to Rivers State and the plan was to redeploy after the three weeks orientation. That plan flew out of the window because of a boy. Edidiong was in my platoon. He was this fine but reserved boy. One day after parade, ‘’A’’ came … Continue reading Camp Love


We’ve all done stupid things at one point or the other and forgotten our home training. I was in the ‘’try everything’’ phase in university when I accepted to go to a club with Tolu. I left my house pretty early for his. When I got there, he told me we’d leave around 11 so … Continue reading Arrested?